Porcellio laevis (Orange)



Latin name: Porcellio laevis

Morph: Orange

Size: 1.5-2 cm

Origin: Can be found in most countries

This species is in the genus Porcellio, a very common and curious genus of isopods. This genus, along with this species, are fast on their tiny legs and prefer to run away if scared rather than play dead as some other genuses do. 

Having said this, this species in particular is not that scared and can be out and about whilst they are observed. In my own experience, it is not too rare seeing this species out taking a stroll among the leaf litter. 

The Orange morph is a very striking morph. One of my personal favourites for sure. Their striking colour can in some individuals almost look unreal, especially when you see them in groups. This isopod morph is awesome to have in a bioactive setup with other animals, since they are so easy to spot with their striking colour.

The species is very easy to care for and the Orange morph is no exception. Perfect for beginners who want a striking and curious isopod.


Humidity: 40-60% Best results with a strong gradient in the setup.

Food: Red fish food flakes, Zucchini, Spinach, Mango, Apple, Carrots etc.

Dead wood, leaves, moss, cuttlebone.

Housing: Minimum recommended size of a successful setup 20x25cm. 

    Minimum recommended soil depth 6cm.

  (Deeper soils and larger areas is always better)

Ground foliage: Plenty of dry leaves mixed with dead and rotten wood.

Difficulty: Easy
A very easy species to work with, they eat almost anything and reproduce very fast if the conditions are right.

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