About us

Who we are

Hello and welcome to the Ants Scandinavia Shop! We are a branch in the Ants Scandinavia brand where we not only sell ant-related products but also other fun items that we think you would enjoy!
Ants Scandinavia is originally a YouTube channel specializing in Ant-related content.

What's the difference?

Our mission

Here at the Ants Scandinavia Store we strive to give the ever growing Ant Keeping community what they want and need while maintaining affordable prices without sacrificing quality.
Our main goal is to provide both beginner and novice ant keepers with suitable ant species as well as the necessary gear to give you the best possible ant keeping experience.
We also strive to offer a large selection of formicariums for the more experienced keepers.

Something missing?

Want to help?

We always want to improve. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything you would like to ask. All constructive feedback is also much appreciated and will be used to make us be able to provide the best service as we possibly can.
Have any product suggestions or improvements? Please do let us know in the contact page.
We hope to be able to satisfy your desires with everything the Ants Scandinavia Store has to offer.

Here's some extra information!


Here you will be able to find the most frequent questions we get asked. If you have a question please read through the FAQ thoroughly before contacting us.

How Long Does It Take To Ship The Orders?

All of the estimated delivery times can be seen on the checkout page based on your location. The delivery time depends mostly on your distance from Sweden (where we store and ship the products). Most orders will ship between 2-4 days.

What Countries Do You Ship To?

We currently ship to all countries in the EU (European Union)

Will You Be Shipping Outside Of The E.U Soon?

Probably yes

Do You Have Free Returns?

We offer free returns if the product was: Not as advertised, damaged during delivery, delivery of incorrect product/s, has defects or has missing parts.

You can find more information on returns & free returns on the returns policy page

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