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Return Policy

We understand that sometimes products may not be to your liking and we do our best to document our products as well as we possibly can to try to make sure you are always satisfied.

Before requesting a refund, please read the policies below. Once you are ready to request, please contact us by using the contact form
available here (the about page)

Note: We only accept a refund request is the product is sent back to us in the same condition
as it was sent, including eventual packaging material such as boxes

1. Return Principle

The Site only accepts the return of unused merchandise in the following situation:

i. Delivery of incorrect merchandise

ii. Damaged merchandise before delivery

iii. Other acceptable situations decided by the Site

iiii. The product is not part of the "animals" category

2. Return Period

You can ask for return of merchandise within 14 days of purchase. After receiving your e-mail, the Site will reply whether we accept your return or not by e-mail.

Return e-mail : [email protected]

3. Extra delivery
charges of return
& free return

If the Site accepts your return, the Site will notify you to return the merchandise within a fixed period. The Site will bear the extra delivery charges caused by the return if the product you received falls under the following categories:

- Product not as advertised
- Product was damaged before delivery
- Delivery of incorrect merchandise
- Factory defect (malfunction, parts not working as they are - supposed to, deformations etc)
- Missing parts

If the product you wish to refund does not fall under these categories, you will have to bear the delivery charges.

In order to deliver the returned merchandise, you need to pay this extra delivery charge first, then the Site will pay back this charge to you via PayPal if the product falls in the categories that were previously stated. The Site will notify you by e-mail, and the Site will start the refund procedure once we receive the confirmation from you by e-mail.

4. Refund procedure

Once we have received the refunded package and
confirmed the contents, the full cost** of the product
will be paid back to you via PayPal.

**5. PayPal refund fee

PayPal takes a small commission for the transfer based on the region, so you might receive slightly less than the full cost of the product.

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