Giant African Snail (Achatina fulica)


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These beasts make for wonderful show animals. Being curious enough to slowly explore your hand if you pick them up, they are great pets for children or to show your friends. They grow at the pace you feed them, but should have an enclosure large enough for them to explore around and move about if one side of it would be come inhospitable.

Feeding: Sporting a massive adult size, they sure eat a lot. However, most quick growing "weeds" (example dandelion leaves) from outside will serve them well, in combination with ecological greens and vegetables from the store.

Size: They will grow up to 30cm in length in perfect conditions, but will stay smaller if you simply don't feed them as much.

Ventilation and humidity: They like it very humid, and will crawl back into their shell if it is too dry. They do not need massive ventilation, but in order to keep the greens you put into their tank fresh, as well as keeping the dirt from becoming waterlogged, you should offer adequate ventilation.

Vivarium: They will make a great addition to any bioactive vivarium, especially when they have grown a bit. Giving them the size advantage against neighboring ant colonies. However, perhaps don't co-hab them with super agressive species like Solenopsis, since they will get swarmed. Lesser aggressive species like Odontomachus, Neoponera or certain Camponotus spp. will suit well however.

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