Porcellio sevilla

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Latin name: Porcellio sevilla

Size: 2-3cm 

Origin: Southern Spain 

This species is in the Genus Porcellio, one of the most common genus. The species is however not so common, when it comes to size. This species is, compared to many other Isopod species, very large. Some individuals can grow to just above 3cm!

Porcellio sevilla is a very fun species to keep. Their shier size amazes almost anyone who takes a look at them. This species has slight colour variations with the most dominant and common colour being gray. Individuals can however be seen with colours ranging from dark grey to blueish gray to dark brown! Very interesting to see the different colour variants within the same colony.

Porcellio sevilla also has one of my personal favourite traits of an isopod species, they have a different colour on their skirt. The skirt is the white band that runs all around the body. Some individuals display an incredibly bright and thick skirt running all around the body. This makes the blue-tinted gray back of them really pop.

Given Porcellio sevilla’s size, they also have long legs compared to other species. This makes them rather quick on their feet if scared. Despite this, they are great with handling. They are very curious gentle little guys that like to troll around on your hand when given the chance.

Porcellio sevilla is an awesome species to start out with. They reproduce fast when the conditions are right and are in my experience overall easy to keep.


Humidity: 20-50% Best results with a strong gradient in the setup.

Food:Red fish food flakes, Zucchini, Spinach, Mango, Apple, Carrots etc.

Dead wood, leaves, moss, cuttlebone.

Housing: Minimum recommended size of a successful setup 20x25cm. 

    Minimum recommended soil depth 6cm.

  (Deeper soils and larger areas is always better)

Ground foliage: Dry leaves mixed with plenty of dead and rotten wood.

Difficulty: Easy

This species is very easy to breed and reproduce quickly. They do eat a lot, so for a successful colony, offer many different kinds of foods.

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