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Pheidole pallidula 10W


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Pheidole pallidula is one of Europe's most iconic ant species. Their native range spans from germany to southern spain. They are some of the most drastically polymorphic species we have in Europe, with their majors sporting massively disproportionate heads and tiny minor workers. They are extremely quick growers and make excellent intermediate level ants. They love moisture and are well suited for vivariums.

This is one of my favorite genuses in general, simply because of their polymorphism and their very fast growth rate. Every ant keeper should have a pheidole colony in my opinion.

Humidity: Mid - High

Temperature: Room temperature but benefit from local heatspots

Hibernation: Yes

Polymorphic: Yes

Recommended nests: Testtube, Acrylic, 3D printed, Dirt

This colony is from: France


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