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Myrmica sp. 1Q 15W


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Myrmica is a very interesting genus. They are curious and can sting, but are not too aggressive. They live in damp tempered forests, often nesting in the upper most layer of dirt. They grow quickly in the right conditions, and can easily swarm their prey as a mature colony. They are called the European Fire Ants because of their similarities in appearance to that of Solenopsis geminata, but their stings are really not comparable. They do technically sting, bit its really not that bad.

I really like this genera because of the fact that most of them are very Orange, and the fact that they are super well suited for vivarium builds since they nest in shallow layers of moist dirt.

Humidity: Mid to High

Temperature: Room temperature

Hibernation: Yes

Polymorphic: No

Recommended nests: Testtube, Acrylic, 3D printed, Vivarium

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  1. Alva Shivley

    This is extremely useful; I've bookmarked it for later reference.

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