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Formica fusca 1Q 10W


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Formica is a common genus in Europe. They love sugar and are quick on their feet. Many of the easier species are black, either matt black or shiny. Both colour variants look awesome. Formica colonies build amazing natural dirt nests, many times utilizing debris to create mounds around their entrances. This means that natural vivarium setups are excellent for them. 

Formica is a genus who possess some very unique behaviours, due to their large eyes. These ants rely heavily on their sight to hunt and to watch out for predators. This means that they are very reactive to their surroundings, making for some fun interactions between you as a keeper and the workers. 

Humidity: Low to Mid

Temperature: Room temperature

Hibernation: Yes

Polymorphic: No (But they can sometimes get different sized workers)

Recommended nests: Testtube, Wood, Ytong, Acrylic, 3D printed, Dirt


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  1. Jeff Bergo

    I love the way you communicate intricate ideas in a straightforward and accessible way.

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