Esthetic Ants S


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This is an elegant and functional 3D printed nest made for beginners as well as intermediate keepers. It is made from PLA plastic and printed with the smallest layer height, making for a seamless impression.
The nest has organically shaped walls with different elevations to simulate different microhabitats within the nest, so that the ants can take advantage of a varied humidity within the nest.

This size of a nest is perfect for a medium sized Lasius colony, or a Camponotus colony who is outgrowing their testtube.

The hydration system is made from a detachable 3D printed mesh, fine enough to even keep small Lasius species from crawling through. The hydration chamber is hydrated through a hole in the nest wall.

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Weight 0,028 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1,8 cm


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