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Camponotus japonicus 1Q 5W


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Camponotus japonicus is a species found in Central to Eastern Asia. Therefore they do not require that much of a hibernation period, the queen does go through a Diapause during the winter months however.. This species sports a jet black finish, with slight golden hairs on their gaster.

This species is great for those looking for a exotic species to keep them busy during winter months, since they grow faster than most other Camponotus species. Given this however, they are slightly smaller in size compared to species like C. ligniperdus.

Humidity: Low to Mid

Temerature: Room temperature

Hibernation: No

Polymorphic: Yes

Reccomended nests: Testtube, Ytong, Acryllic, 3D printed, Wood, Dirt

This colony is from: Japan

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