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Temnothorax sp.* 1Q


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Temnothorax is a genera of ants, most people never notice. They live quiet and hubble lives, often arboreally in different kinds of bark or dead wood. They are very shy and timid ants and perfect for a smaller vivarium.

Temnothorax is one of my personal favourite genera, since they don't grow to such a large colony size, and are able to live in cool setups. They can thrive in traditional nests like Acrylic, but do best in Wooden nests, preferably in natural rotten wood in a terrarium.

Humidity: Low to Mid

Temerature: Room temperature

Hibernation: Yes

Polymorphic: No

Reccomended nests: Testtube, Acrylic, Wood, Vivarium

***This colony does not have a complete Species ID***

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