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Messor barbarus 1Q ~15w (Large Majors)



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Messor barbarus are some of the most iconic species of europe. They can grow incredibly fast if given the correct circumstances. This species is known to grow to huge colony sizes so be ready to give them a large setup after a while. They possess some striking polymorphism, with both Minors, Media and Majors.
This species is found in areas where drought can occur, which has enabled them the ability to consume seeds. This means that they require seeds (Canary bird seeds are some that work) to grow to those amazing sizes. Them having a large supply of seeds also means that they can be left for longer periods up to some weeks even, if they of course also have access to water at all times.

Many people say that Messor are a beginner friendly genus since they are pretty hardy ants. But I would not say so since they become increasingly difficult to manage when they grow larger. That being said, if you know you are serious, and are looking for a challenge in the future, they are great for beginners as you usually learn to handle them in time of their growth.

Humidity: Low to Mid

Temerature: Room temperature (spot heating can be beneficial in some cases)

Hibernation: Yes (But in my experience, not a requirement)

Polymorphic: Yes (Strongly)

Reccomended nests: Testtube, Ytong, Dirt

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