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Camponotus ligniperdus 1Q ~80W



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Camponotus ligniperdus are some of Europes most iconic ant species. They grow pretty slow and are great for beginners. They are Matt black with red thoraxes. They have very strong polymorphism so their majors can reach considerable size, rivaling that of the queen herself.

This species is great for beginners since they grow slow and are generally pretty hardy, once they get going. At the 0-10w stage, they can be fairly finicky when it comes to food and so on, but beyond that they are not hard to keep. They do dig in Wood in the wild, so keeping them in a Wooden nest might now be the best Idea.

Humidity: Low to Mid

Temerature: Room temperature

Hibernation: Yes

Polymorphic: Yes

Reccomended nests: Testtube, Ytong, Acryllic, 3D printed, Dirt

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